Our company has gained continuous trust and confidence from our existing and new customers to take part in major government projects due to our involvement in the healthcare or hospital industry since 1996.

We have a valid registration certification with Ministry of Finance (MOF), MOF Registration No. (Consultancy): 465-02038540 (31/10/2018–29/12/2021) as a registered ICT consultant since 2010.

We are among few ICT consultancy companies in Malaysia that has fulfilled all five (5) ICT consultancy field codes comprise of:

  • 340601 – Kajian Telekomunikasi
  • 340602 – Perancangan Strategik ICT (ISP)
  • 340603 – Kajian Pengurusan Infrastruktur ICT
  • 340604 – Kajian Pengurusan Keselamatan ICT
  • 340605 – Kajian Pengurusan Maklumat ICT

Being a qualified and competent ICT Consultant who is dedicated and professional who has been extensively involved in wide spectrum of industries, we have proven results in delivering ICT, Hospital Information System and Total Hospital Information System projects since 1994.

With combination of qualified, skilled and professional personnel in all facets of ICT design, planning, implementation, coordination and management, we strongly believe that all our customers will reap the benefits of our proposed ICT system both technically and financially in terms of getting an assurance that our proposed ICT system implementation will be delivered within the budget in a most cost effective and efficient manner.



ICT industry is becoming more complex and more challenging. In view of these factors, we have gained trust from our existing and prospect customers particularly from government agencies and private companies to deliver wide range of ICT services and solutions over the past years till to date.

We have a valid registration certification with Ministry of Finance (MOF), MOF Registration No. (Contractor): 357-02226849 (31/10/2017–30/10/2023) as a registered ICT contractor since 2004 in field codes 210101 to 210109.

Since our company incorporation in 2004, 10CS has been involved in procurement, delivery, installation, configuration, testing, upgrading, commissioning and maintenance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure, network, hardware, security solutions, software development and migration works for wide spectrum of industries comprise of:

  • Network cabling infrastructure (Internal and External Installation)
  • Active network equipment for networking system
  • Hardware equipment
  • Total IP based security systems – CCTV and card/door access systems
  • Software for office automation and backend databases
  • Application for business software / specific business applications
  • ICT Training Centre, Computer Lab and Facilities
  • Library and Facilities
  • Training for key users, application, network and system administrator
  • Data Centre/Server Room
  • Operation, maintenance and support
  • Integration works and interconnection with existing ICT facilities
  • Telephone infrastructure and equipment
  • Testing & Commissioning, Training Needs and Documentation


We have a valid registration certification with Ministry of Finance (MOF), MOF Registration No. (Bumiputera): 357-02226849 (31/10/2017 – 30/10/2023).